Integrating Genomic Knowledge Sources through an Anatomy Ontology

Gennari, John H and Silberfein, Adam and Wiley, Jesse (2004) Integrating Genomic Knowledge Sources through an Anatomy Ontology. In: 2005 Pacific Symposium on BioComputing.

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Modern genomic research has access to a plethora of knowledge sources. Often, it is imperative that researchers combine and integrate knowledge from multiple perspectives. Although some technology exists for connecting data and knowledge bases, these methods are only just begin-ning to be successfully applied to research in modern cell biology. In this paper, we argue that one way to integrate multiple knowledge sources is through anatomy�both generic cellular anatomy, as well as anatomic knowledge about the tissues and organs that may be studied via microarray gene expression experiments. We present two examples where we have combined a large ontology of human anatomy (the FMA) with other genomic knowledge sources: the gene ontology (GO) and the mouse genomic databases (MGD) of the Jackson Labs. These two initial examples of knowledge integration provide a proof of concept that anatomy can act as a hub through which we can usefully combine a variety of genomic knowledge and data.

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